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The process of designing a new website

A web design agency’s process to a new website!

Thinking of upgrading to a new website? Or perhaps you’re starting a new venture and will be creating a website for the first time? Whatever your situation, we aim to make the process as simple as possible for you.

The new website design and development process involves the following key stages. We start by getting to know you and finish with the best part – launching your new website and training you – so you can jump into the driver’s seat! 

Stage 1: Website Proposal

Firstly, we like to get to know you! Reach out to us via phone or our contact form to discuss your needs. We aim to discover as much as we can in order to create a new website design and development proposal tailored just for you. 

Stage 2: Website Brief

If you’re ready to make it happen, we provide a briefing form for you to fill out. Upon its return we set a time to get together for a deep dive to further understand your business, your vision, purpose and goals. 

Stage 3: Website Strategy

Next we create your website strategy; a vital step in website design and development process. 

We undertake research on your brand, industry and competitors to discover best practice and to benchmark websites based on user experience, design, functionality and content. 

Based on our conversations we determine your specific website goals and the strategies to help achieve your desired outcomes. 

If you have a current website we review what works and what doesn’t, and decide what content should be carried through to your new website. 

All this information allows us to develop a site wide wireframe and the information architecture for your website to maximise end user experience (UX). 

If this looks good to you, we’re ready to move onto the next stage. 

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Stage 5: Website Design

Now that we have a great understanding of all the essential details and website wireframe in place, it’s time to start the website design stage! 

We get creative designing all your webpages to align with your brand. 

Any existing or supplied content is taken into consideration such as images, videos and copy. 

Now it’s time for the part we know you love most – seeing your new website design for the first time!  

You review your website and provide feedback and any additional content. 

We edit the copy, optimise images and videos for web, and make any last refinements for sign off before website development begins. 

Stage 6: Website Development

Here’s where all the behind the scenes action, or should we say ‘magic’, happens!

Website Set Up

It’s time to get the basics in place. That means ensuring you have business grade website hosting account set up and your domain name is secured.

Website Security

Your website is your online shopfront so you need to keep it secure from the get-go. We install and set up your SSL certificate and ensure your GDPR privacy policy and cookie consent plugins are in place.

Website Development

We build your website on a holding site, install and set up WordPress, and then get to work developing your new website.

We also integrate your social media accounts and any web-to-email forms, like your newsletter sign up to MailChimp. And, importantly ensure your new website design is mobile friendly.

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Ecommerce Website Development

If you sell anything on your new website we integrate it with WooCommerce for ecommerce functionality.

Your payment gateways and API integrations are set up (PayPal, bank transfer, COD).

Then it’s onto adding your inventory with all their supplied details such as product attributes, variations, pricing, shipping and tax.

If you need a member’s area that special customers or clients can access via login and receive unique information, benefits or discounts, we set this up.

Or, if you have a subscription based product or service on your new website, we take care of this for you too.

Website Testing

We now migrate your new website to the live domain (with an under construction page set up) and thoroughly test it. We iron out any hitches and when all is smooth it’s time to go live.

Stage 7: New Website Launch

Hooray! Your new website is now live. It’s time to shout it from the rooftops!

Website Management Training

We set up a two hour website content management training session so you can feel confident and ready make the most of your new website. 

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Ready to start the conversation? 

Call us or send us an enquiry via our contact form! We can’t wait to get to get to know you. 

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