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6 ways to grow your email list

6 ways to grow your email list

Tips to make the most out of your email marketing

There’s no time like the present to focus on your email marketing. Here are 6 ways to grow your email list so you can start seeing real business results.

1. Get your email marketing basics in place

The first of the 6 ways to grow your email list is super simple but essential. Add an email sign-up form to your website and make sure that tells people the value you’ll bring to their inbox (and life!). It needs to be a fair exchange for them providing you with their email address.

For example, get people excited by telling them they’ll be the first to know about sales, special offers, new releases, competitions, have the chance to sample products, get the inside scoop and see all the behind-the-scenes action. Ultimately, you want to make the reasons as specific and tangible as you can. No more boring ‘Join our mailing list’!

2. Thank your subscribers and bring them value straight up

Once someone subscribes to your email list be sure that they land on a webpage that thanks them. Ideally it reinforces their great decision to subscribe to your email list and tells them what to do next.

This might be to confirm their subscription, add you to their email contacts, visit a specific page on your website, or head over to your social media to follow you.

After they confirm their subscription take them to a landing page or send an automated email that arrives in their inbox straight away. This is a great way to welcome and thank them, and remind them of the value you’ll bring. Also provide them with links to the best content on your website. Or even better, give them an introductory offer they can’t resist.

You’re now on your way to building a profitable email list.

Email post

3. Turn your followers into subscribers

Add the email sign up button to your Facebook Business Page. Simply edit the call to action button on the top right of your page and choose Contact You, then Sign Up.

Once this is done, create a post about what wonderful things you’ll deliver to your follower’s inbox and tell them where to hit to subscribe.

Remember to post about subscribing to your email list a few times over the coming weeks. Not everyone will see your first post, or they might need another reason to sign up.

Tip: People engage best with content that’s entertaining, educational or shows transformations. We all love seeing and hearing about someone’s life before and after discovering a product or service, like yours!

4. Give them too good of a reason not to subscribe

Add an email opt-in at all your touch points and make it too good not to subscribe. This way you’ll grow your email list in no time. Hello, email marketing pro!

For example, if you have an online shop, add a pop-up for visitors to sign up when they have spent a certain amount of time on your website. Isn’t it the best when you can get $20 off your first purchase if you simply subscribe?

The other place to add a sign-up call to action is with a checkbox when they’re making a purchase. You could even run a social media competition that involves subscribing to your email list in return for an entry.

If you have a shop front or you’re at an event, you can grow your email list by inviting people to leave their business card or fill in a simple entry form in return for entry into a competition.

Tip: Set up an iPad to collect email addresses. This makes for super easy data collection. Try MailChimp as it’s free for up to 2000 email subscribers and they offer great value once your email list grows bigger.

5. Attract subscribers with a lead magnet

Want to take your email marketing to the next level? Create a freebie and drive traffic to gain access to it, but only once they enter their name and email!

Promote your lead magnet via your social media posts and Facebook or Instagram ads, and basically anywhere you communicate with your target market.

The freebie to grow your email list could be a cheat sheet, a guide, your best tips, a challenge, an eBook, a handy template, free training – the options are endless!  Whatever you decide, it has to be quality, relevant to your business and show your audience the value you can bring.

Remember, it’s a taster for what it’s like shopping with you, visiting your business or working with you.  And, most importantly it’s an excellent way to build your reputation, brand and a profitable email list.

6. Show up consistently and be real!

The last of the 6 ways to grow your email list sounds easier than it is. But it’s essential that you communicate with personality on a regular basis.. These generous people have given you a big YES to show up in their inbox, so do them the courtesy of popping in on the same day and time each week (or however often you email).

Remember, keep bringing value, be personal (use their name and send emails specific to their interests and past purchases), and invite them to communicate with you. Ask them questions, seek feedback or recommendations, and anything that shows you care.

Basically, make it worthwhile for your subscribers to open up your email. Because who doesn’t like receiving an email from someone who has you front of mind, like a good friend?

Ready to grow your email list?

Let’s work together and make it happen. We can help you with everything from email marketing design, copywriting, image sourcing, freebie creation, MailChimp email marketing integration on your website, marketing strategies and much more.

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